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@buzzmobyl – we love to cut through the complexity and help you buy better; together!

You need your phone more than ever. To get more things done than ever before. And yet, this super critical part of your life can stress you with mobile plans, which cost a bomb on one hand or force you to limit your usage on the other. Then there is always that sense of your friends being able to always find the right mobile deals while you are left with a feeling of being short-changed. The pain you have to suffer when buying SIM cards, mobile plans or phones, the website hopping that you have to do find the right deal, the PHD Degree that you need to choose the right plan for yourself. It ain’t fair out there!

That is where we come into picture.

At buzzmobyl we have set out on a journey to do our small bit to help you buy better, when it comes to your SIMs and mobile plans. Having ourselves worked in telecom companies before, we exactly know how the system works. We are now hell bent on using this knowledge and experience to pass on the benefits to you.

Buy better, by being fair: We will never knowingly undersell. Our pricing will be upfront, our deals will be clear, and no hidden offers that even Sherlock Holmes can’t find. Being 100% independent, allows us to offer you the plans that best suite you, instead of pushing unwanted, expensive choices down your throat.

Buy better, by being simple: We will pull all stops to take the complexity out of selecting the right plan for you. We will work with you to get the right plan for you, quickly. We will hand-pick the right plans based on your needs, instead of leaving you to fend for yourself in the jungle of thousands of mobile plans out there. You do have better things to do in life.

Buy better, by being generous: each time you buy from us, we will give you something extra, from our own profits. Because, at buzzmobyl, it will never be about maximizing our profits, but to enjoy the benefits together.

With BuzzRewards, we bring to you the most generous and open benefits program in the town. You earn BuzzRewards when you buy things with us (and at times, even if you don’t buy anything). You can then use your BuzzRewards to get amazing benefits across a range of brands that you love. You may want to check out our BuzzRewards page to know more and get started immediately.

Buy better, by being together, we know that path we have set-out on, is not easy. We cannot win in this alone. So, the best bit about buzzmobyl is that we will do this together. You, the buzzmobyl users, will be the most important part of this mission. As part of the BuzzTribe, you will benefit from the collective power of people like you to solve your mobile related issues and find the best telco deals. And if you are the one with the entrepreneurial streak, you may want to explore our BuzzBuddies initiative. A super special project that allows you to share the benefits of buzzMobyl with the wider community while earning some money for yourselves.

buzzmobyl is not just another online store or marketplace. It is an effort to work together to solve a constant issue we all face. And we are sure, together we will succeed.