Frequently Asked Questions


Recharging on BuzzMobyl is fast and easy! Just follow the steps below:
  • For UAE recharges, select the preferred network (du/Etisalat), and for International recharge, choose the country/region of the number you want to recharge, and enter the mobile number.
  • Select carrier and product/amount you want to recharge
  • Log-in/sign-up to your account.
  • Proceed with your payment. After the successful transactions, the recharge will be received instantly.
As soon as your payment has been completed, the recharge will be received instantly, if the correct phone number has been entered. Notification SMS can be received by the recharged phone number and is subject to the network provider.
Currently you can recharge across 500 mobile operators in over 140 countries worldwide, and we are always expanding.
Currently, we accept all online payments using Visa, Mastercard, at payit Wallet account (for UAE residents).
With payit Wallet from First Abu Dhabi Bank, you can do cashless transactions directly from your mobile. Get AED 50 recharge for only AED 1 charge. For more information you can click here.
First, check if the mobile number you have entered is correct. Confirm if the number is also active or if it is a prepaid number.
If all the information is correct, you should be receiving the recharge instantly. If still not, then please send us a WhatsApp message or email for inquiries.
Before checking out and completing your order, we require all our customers to sign up and log-in to easily manage and track all transactions on BuzzMobyl. If the transaction is successful, and you have not received any notification email, make sure you have entered the correct email address when you register. And if the correct phone number has been entered, the recharge will be received instantly. Still with doubt? Feel free to send us a WhatsApp message email us for any inquiries.
If you have entered a wrong number and that number is an active phone number, unfortunately, we cannot reverse the transaction when the number has been successfully recharged. We aim for fast and efficient process of recharging,hence the recharge is received instantly after successful transaction. With that said, we always recommend to always check the mobile number before completing the payment and transaction.
At BuzzMobyl, we aim to provide you with the fast, efficient and best service, and as such, we charge a small convenience fee to:
  • We make sure you can access our website 24/7 for your recharge needs
  • Utilize effective banking connections and payment methods, as they come with a cost
  • Provide you with a safe and secured payment environment
  • Ensure the service is delivered quick and easy
  • Be in touch with our customer service team 24/7
The recharge credit is a regular wallet balance, and the balance can be consumed depending on the services provided by the carrier. It is recommended that you contact your network provider to confirm the available data services you can subscribe on with your credit balance.
If you have verified that the mobile number you have recharge is incorrect, and the number is not active, please contact us via WhatsApp and email. And if the mobile number is correct, the number is active, and the recharge has been successful, it unfortunately is not possible to cancel the order and request a refund.