What makes BuzzMobyl different?

We are a 100% independent service platform, which allows us to list carefully curated products and services from across different operators with multiple offers all on the same platform. Not only do we allow you a single-window review of the plans – but we also allow you a seamless fulfillment journey where you can get your service delivered without having to visit an Operators shop!

Did we mention we also have an awesome BuzzPoints system that allows you to earn credits for all transactions you do on BuzzMobyl and spend those credits almost anywhere you want?


Why should I not buy from the online shop of a mobile operator?

Absolutely, you can always purchase your products directly from the Operators' online portal as well. From our experience, it works great if you know exactly what you need. However, if you are looking for value – that’s where we come in – we list the plans from across the Operators and have special offers from time to time which may not be available on the Operator website.


How can the offers on BuzzMobyl be better than others?

Ah! The magic ingredient! To state, we create no new plans on our own. All the plans that we list are indeed operators provided and approved. Where we make the difference is when we share some of our income! For all plans, we receive some credit from our partner Operators. We apportion a portion of that back to you as points, cashback or rewards. We believe that by buying with us you deserve to share the rewards.


Are the products on BuzzMobyl different from those available on the Telecom Operators shop?

BuzzMobyl does not create any new plans on its own. We offer the same plans are provided by the Telecom Operators.


What are Buzz Points?

BuzzPoints  Buying mobile services were never so rewarding. Coming Soon.


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I have placed an order but have not yet received the confirmation email?

Over your purchase experience with @Buzz you will be receiving constant communication from us, so be it when you have just paid for your product or when your order is fulfilled or when it is shipped, etc. Our emails are dispatched automatically. In case you have not received our email please check your SPAM folder. If you can't find it even there, don’t panic, just drop us a note on and we will get to it right away


When you have Guest Checkout why should I create a login?

Yes, you can always you the Guest Checkout feature on our site. However we recommend you to save your details as it will allow you to track your orders, checkout faster next time and above all receive Buzz Points for all your purchases . not to forget to enjoy the benefits of the BuzzReferral also you will need a login.


How can I check my order status?

Once you have logged into your account you can navigate to Track My Order status. We make all attempts to keep the status up to date – but where we use our Third Party Logistics partners at times your Order Status may not be running a bit delayed. We are always here in case you require an urgent update, though.


Why are you charging a convenience fee for recharge requests?

This is one of the fees that we too really want to move away from and quickly. For every online transaction, we have to pay a fee to credit card acceptance fees. Now, for the plans (postpaid and prepaid) where we receive higher commissions from the Telecom Operator and so we absorb these charges – but are unable to do the same for Prepaid recharges.


I made a mistake with my order/recharge. What can I do?

Mistakes happen and we are here to help you as best as we can. Our transactions can be identified as below:

Mobile Recharge Requests: Mobile topups/ recharge requests are processed instantly; therefore the mobile credit has already been transferred to the wrong number. In such cases moved In most of the cases -like the purchase of a prepaid or a postpaid plan we will be happy to support a FREE cancellation prior to processing of your order


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Recharge Requests

How long does it take to receive the recharge?

All our recharge requests are processed instantly. As soon as your payment request has been successfully processed your recharge is processed. No more waiting for scratchcards/recharge codes in emails or worst still waiting for someone to call you with the code (yes, you heard it right – these are some of the “online” recharges offered in the market).

If you are recharging a UAE number (either du or Etisalat) you will also be receiving a message from the Operator itself confirming the recharge.


Can I recharge any international number back home?

Yes, using the BuzzMobyl integrated recharge platform you can recharge any prepaid number across 500 mobile operators in over 140 countries worldwide.  '


It’s been an hour and I have still not received my recharge, what could be the issue?

Whilst all our recharge requests are processed instantly in case you have not received recharge please reverify the below options and even if then the issue is not identified drop us a note on we are here to solve it for you.

1. Check whether the mobile number you entered at the time of recharge. Sometimes we can skip a number or two.

2. Please verify if you selected the correct operator (i.e if it is a du SIM please ensure you select du as your Recharge Option).

3. Finally please do check that the number is active and is not suspended.


I accidentally recharged a wrong phone number, what can I do?

Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where we too cant do much. Once the recharge request has been processed the amount cannot be reversed. That said, if the entered number is not active and the recharge to the number fails – we will be happy to refund your money.

To avoid an unpleasant experience please do remember to double-check the mobile number before completing the payment and transaction.


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Prepaid/Postpaid Orders

What is the process when I order a prepaid or postpaid plan? How will I get my SIM?

Your purchase journey can be best explained in three steps:

1. You Decide: You select your preferred plan and Checkout. In case of prepaid you have to pay the charges for Postpaid you only pay the Service/ Activation Fee. The monthly plan fees will be charged by the Telecom Operator directly

2. We Work: Upon receipt of your order, our team processes the order on your behalf with the Operator.

3. You Receive your SIM: Once your order is ready for shipping you will receive a call from the Logistics partner to coordinate your delivery.

Do remember at the time of your delivery you will be required to show your Emirates ID to confirm the authenticity of the transaction


Can my order be rejected?

Your order will never be canceled by under normal circumstances. The only time that your order may not be processed will be it there is a compliance issue Eg you have reached the max. number of lines on your Emirates ID, credit check, etc.


I placed an order yesterday, but I have not yet received any calls from the Operations/ Delivery team. What happened?

The Order Processing team should call you in the defined time window – Couple of reasons that they may have not been able to reach out to you yet:

  • We received your order after office hours or on a holiday. Our team works from 9 am to 6 pm Saturday to Thursday or
  • We are not able to reach you on the number provided (either incorrect number, phone line is busy, phone is switched off, etc). Please drop us a note and we will arrange a callback
  • Finally, the ball was dropped and we are sorry. Please drop us a note and we will arrange a callback


How can I track my order?

Once your order is processed, your item will be dispatched by the Operator directly via their Third-party Logistics partner, and you will be receiving your tracking information either via SMS or email. You will also be provided with a link to track your order online and the courier’s contact number, if you want to track your order over the phone.


How much do you charge for delivery?

We got this covered. Deliveries anywhere in the UAE are covered by us


Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver within the UAE. We ensure a quick delivery within the city limits. However, some remote locations may be outside of the service area of the courier, as such, you will be notified beforehand.


I don't want you to deliver. Can I collect my ordered product/s?

Currently, we don’t have our Click and Collect locations setup but this is work in progress at our end. Once ready we will publish our locations on the web.


How long do you take to deliver?

Whilst all attempts are made to ensure the next working day delivery our delivery promise is T+2 working days. Prior to your delivery you will be contacted by our Logistics partner to agree on a delivery location and a suitable time slot.


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How can I pay for my service?

You can pay for your services my either of the below options:

1. Credit Cards: We accept both Visa and Mastercard credit cards

2. Debit Cards: We accept debit cards as well

3. Payit Wallet: The digital wallet issued by the First Abu Dhabi Bank

4. Buzz Points: The BuzzMobyl points

5. Etihad Guest: Your Etihad Guest points


Is it safe to shop at

Absolutely. @BuzzMobyl we do not store any credit card information on our servers. All information relayed between and our payment gateway is encrypted using a RapidSSL 256bit SSL certificate (HTTPS). We've passed stringent compliance tests set by our bank and Payment provider to be able to accept payments online.


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What is BuzzBuddies?

BuzzBuddies is our referral program. It is designed to present you with an exciting opportunity to earn some extra cash (yes that’s right!) by introducing our products and service to your friends and family. It’s a small way for us to thank you for your support in helping us spread the message.


Who can participate in the program?

Absolutely anyone. All you need to do is have an account with BuzzMobyl so you can have your own unique referral link. It's that easy.


Who can I refer?

Again anybody! Anybody looking for any type of telecom service here in the UAE. So be it a prepaid line, postpaid plan, Home Internet, even a simple mobile recharge – they are all customers you can introduce to our platform and benefit from when they buy with us.  But do remember you cannot refer any existing customer of BuzzMobyl.


How can I refer?

Just share your unique referral link with them and we take care of the rest. You can find your unique referral link when you login to your account and navigate to Buzz Points and Rewards and My Referral.

Now you can share your link across various channels using either the share buttons or by sending an email with your unique referral link.

All your friends now need to do is click on that link and complete their purchase.


How will I be paid/ rewarded?

For every successful referral, you make you will be receiving your referral bonus as BuzzRewards – our rewards currency which can be exchanged for credit on almost any of the Leading Brands in the UAE. Know more about the BuzzRewards and how it works.


How much can I earn?

Literally sky is the limit. Since we don’t have a cap on the number of successful referrals you can make – so go ahead invite as many friends as you want. The rewards you earn are different for different products – in some cases, you can earn upto AED 20 worth of BuzzRewards per successful referral.


What is a successful referral?

A referral is considered successful when a new user on BuzzMobyl completes their first purchase using your referral link.


How will I know when my referral is a success?

You can track the status of all your referrals.


Is there a cap on the number of friends I can refer?

Absolutely not.  Please feel free to spread the word far and wide – We believe in sharing good things!


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What is BuzzRewards

BuzzRewards is our Loyalty and Rewards programme that allows you to earn for a bouquet of activities that you perform on BuzzMobyl. BuzzRewards runs on what we call a Zero-Cost Rewards model which allows you to convert your BuzzRewards into credits (read money) for spending across a majority of the Leading Brands in the UAE – making it arguably the most open Rewards Program in the UAE.


What does a zero cost rewards program mean?

Typically when you earn points on a particular website/ shop those can only be used on that shop/ website. If you convert your rewards into credits on a different brand/ shop you have to pay. At BuzzMobyl we don’t charge anything, thus Zero Cost.


Can I earn BuzzRewards for all my transactions?

Absolutely. You can earn BuzzRewards on a bouquet of transactions

  1. Purchasing a mobile recharge

  2. Purchasing a Prepaid SIM card

  3. Purchasing a Postpaid Plans

  4. Purchasing a Home Internet

  5. Helping customers on BuzzTribe by answering/ responding to queries

  6. By participating in the BuzzBuddies program

  7. By social engagement with BuzzMobyl


How are BuzzRewards calculated and when are they paid?

For each of the above actions/activities, BuzzRewards are predefined. Please visit the BuzzRewards page to see the latest Rewards. Do remember we are always working with our partners and from time to time will be having special / bonus offers


When will I receive my BuzzRewards?

Your BuzzRewards will be credited to your account instantly upon completion of your transaction unless explicitly stated at a Product level. (e.g. BuzzRewards for the purchase of Postpaid plan are issued when the first subscription bill is paid)


Is there a minimum number of Reward points I need before I can redeem?

You can redeem your BuzzRewards from as low as AED 5.


How do I redeem my BuzzRewards?

To redeem your BuzzRewards just log into your Account, navigate to the Buzz Points & Rewards section and select your redemption option


What all can I exchange my BuzzRewards for?

With a wide variety of Reward options you will be spoilt for choice. Working with our partners you can exchange your BuzzRewards for credits / gift vouchers on

  • BuzzMobyl - for your next recharge or mobile plan

  • - your one stop online shop.

  • – your one stop online shop.

  • Carrefour – for your grocery and household needs

  • Union Co-Op – for your grocery and household needs

  • BookMyExperiences – for buying your Attractions for Ferrari World, Dubai Parks and more

  • And many more. Please visit to see the complete list of our Reward Partners.


Do my BuzzRewards expire?

No. your BuzzRewards do not expire. However once you convert your BuzzRewards into partner rewards/ gift cards then the expiry of each individual products apply. Eg. If you buy an Amazon gift card then the expiry of the gift card is dictated by the Amazon rules. The rules for each partner reward are mentioned with the reward. In case of any doubt please do not hesitate to drop us an email on


Can I encash my BuzzRewards?

Yes, you can convert your BuzzRewards into cash. In partnership with the leading digital wallet in the UAE, we also offer you a “cash out” option which allows you to convert your BuzzRewards into cash which can then be withdrawn from an ATM / transferred to your bank account


Can I exchange my Reward once issued?

Unfortunately once you have converted your BuzzRewards into a partner reward we cannot cancel/return/refund the same.


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