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To subscribe online, you will need:
  • A valid and original Emirates ID
  • GCC issued credit card
What does Flexi minutes mean?
Your Flexi Minutes cover the charges for call forwards from the UAE. However, the costs from the roaming network are not included, so be aware that you will have additional charges.

How can I use “Carry-over data” benefit?
With the data carry-over service, any unused monthly plan data allowance at the end of the bill cycle can be carried over into the next month. The remaining plan data allowance can only be carried over once (and, if unused, will expire at the end of that bill cycle), and the maximum amount of data that can be carried over is limited to 50% of your plan’s original data allowance.

What is “Wi-Fi UAE Premium” and how can I connect?
Wi-Fi UAE is a country-wide initiative to provide WiFi access to the public, in line with UAE Vision 2021. WiFi UAE is available to all users with a WiFi-enabled device, including smartphones, laptops and tablets.
WiFi UAE is available at more than 350 locations across UAE including major public transportation areas such as Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram, popular public areas and major malls across the UAE. For a full list of WiFi UAE hotspots, visit
To connect, simply choose the WiFi UAE network from your device’s list of available networks, open an internet browser and select ‘Premium WiFi’ from the landing page. Enter your number to begin enjoying your benefits. For more information, visit WiFi UAE

How can I use the free roaming benefit on my Power Plan?
Your plan’s roaming data allowance is only valid within the preferred partner networks. You need to have an active international roaming service to start using your plan’s roaming data allowance. Simply SMS ‘Roaming’ to 5102 to check your roaming service status. Click here to learn how to activate your international roaming service and receive more information about roaming.

How can I get the free 6-month ENTERTAINER?
Simply subscribe to an eligible plan.
After activating your SIM, we’ll send you an SMS with a link to activate your ENTERTAINER pack. You’ll need to activate your ENTERTAINER offer within 30 days after receiving the SMS. For more information about the offer, click here.

What are the details of the free Internet Calling Pack offer for 12 months?
If your plan is eligible for this offer, for just AED 50/month, you can make unlimited app-to-app calls, enjoy video calls or text anyone across the globe who has downloaded registered apps like BOTIM and others. For more information about our Internet Calling Pack offer, click here.

Does my plan include international roaming services?
No. You will need to activate roaming services.
Standard roaming: For the first 3 months, a refundable deposit of AED 2,000 is required OR sign up for auto-payments.
UAE nationals: Roaming available by default, no deposit is required. You will need to call 155 to activate.

Are there any charges if I change my plan?
Upgrade: No additional charges. The contract type of the new plan will be the same as the old plan.

What if I run out of data?
You will need to buy an additional data pack. Visit to learn more about our data packs.

What are the charges after I run out of my monthly benefits?
Calls to all national mobile and landlines 32 fils/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
International calls to 164 destinations AED 1.26/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
International calls to remaining destinations AED 3.78/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
National SMS 19 fils (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
International SMS 63 fils (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
Voice charging is pay per minute on all Power Plans

What happens if I deactivate Power Plan during the contract period?

If you want to terminate the line during the contract period, early termination fees will apply:

Rate plan Early termination fee
Power Plan 125 AED 125
Power Plan 200 AED 200
Power Plan 300 AED 300
Power Plan 500 AED 500
Power Plan 1000 AED 1000
You may end a particular service on 30 days written notice to du.
Disclaimer: All information on this product is updated as of 1-April-2020, and is subject to change.

Order Summary

Your item Upfront Monthly
Power Plan 125
4 GB National Data, 200 National Minutes
- AED 125
Service Fee AED 125 -
(+5% VAT) AED 6.25 AED 6.25
TotalInc. 5% VAT AED 131.25Upfront AED 131.25Monthly

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